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I love photographing weddings and capturing the raw emotions of the day. I not only shoot in the D.C. area but love a good destination wedding. I hope my journal inspires you. 

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Wedding Ideas With Personality

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The band member it the middle is actually the groom!


Your wedding is your special day. So have some fun and add a splash of you. Check out these wedding ideas with personality


  1. Personalized Drink

This is a great way to have some fun and play with names and colors. Some couples will combine their names, favorite things to do or college mascot. These are just a few things couples use when naming their signature drink to show their personality. Using your wedding colors is yet another way to personalize your drink. Think about your personalities. If you classic and organized then maybe a gin or vodka martini. Light hearted and playful, then maybe a tropical rum based drink. What if you are spontaneous and adventurous. Then maybe a drink with ginger beer as it’s base (Moscow Mule) is the drink for you. Here is an article by Martha Stewart that might help


  1. Wedding Vows

Another way to let your inner light show is by writing your own vows. Your guest will love being part of your ceremony as you tell everyone why you have decided this is the only person for you. Stories about how you first meet and the fun things you do together or even an embarrassing story, for a laugh. This article by Hitched might help.


  1. Think About Having A Band

While DJ’s are fun, a band can truly personalize your wedding reception into a live experience that everyone will enjoy. They can keep things lively by singing directly to the couple and even bring them up on stage to help sing a song. Either way you go, make you are involved in the song selection for the must haves and the don’t even think about songs. Check out this list of DC wedding bands.


I hope these wedding ideas with personality get your creative juices going and excited to start planning all those little details that will make your wedding uniquely yours. To read more great info. for planning your wedding head over to my website at or give me a call at 202-744-0341.





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