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I love photographing weddings and capturing the raw emotions of the day. I not only shoot in the D.C. area but love a good destination wedding. I hope my journal inspires you. 

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Do I Really Need A Second Photographer?

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So you just got engaged, found your dream venue, secured your date and  just started to interview photographers when it comes up…1 or 2, 1 or 2, 1 or 2, what to do? Do I really need a second photographer for my wedding?

I’ve come up with a few reasons why you might want 2 photographers.

  1. Those beautiful CANDID moments when people are at their truest. If you want a majority of your images to be candid, you need a 2nd Even though I shoot in a style of authentic, emotional and spirted images and while I get and love those candid moments, people see me coming a mile away and usually stop doing what they are doing before I get there. So while I’m directing the 2nd photographer can sneak around and captures those beautiful moments.


  1. Two PLACES at once. If you are getting ready in different places and I don’t have time to be at both places, you will need a 2nd If you want all the detail shots of your reception, table setting, place cards, center pieces, ect… We usually take those images when family photos and bridal party photos are taken. So you will need a 2nd photographer. Basically if your timeline requires me to be in 2 places at once, you need a 2nd photographer.


  1. A little SECURITY for a busy day. Although I have never missed a shoot in my commercial career or in over 300 weddings no one can control fate. My 2nd photographers are true to their craft. They all own their own studios and are actively seeking their own weddings when not working with me. So in the event I was hit by a truck on the way to your wedding, they would step into my place and conduct your wedding as if it was their own.


  1. Different POINTS of view. This is my favorite. With 2 photographers you have the flexibility of one photographer shooting with a wide angel and one closeup. During the ceremony one focused on the groom as he sees his bride for the first time while the other capturing the walk down the aisle.


I hope this helps to demystify the most thought over question and I don’t mean “ the meaning of life”do I really need 2 photographers?

1 or 2 ….what to do?


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