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I love photographing weddings and capturing the raw emotions of the day. I not only shoot in the D.C. area but love a good destination wedding. I hope my journal inspires you. 

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5 Tips When Planning A Wedding Timeline

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5 Tips When Planning A Wedding Timeline


Don’t forget these 5 tips when planning a wedding timeline. As a DC wedding photographer, I’ve photographed hundreds of weddings and I see some of the same things over and over that people usually don’t think about when planning their timeline.


  1. Leave a Cushion

The biggest mistake I see couples make is running their timeline to the minute. When Planning a wedding timeline leave a cushion. I consider weddings to be organized chaos. A day full of love, tears, and excitement – mix in a little alcohol and there you have it, organized chaos. Something always comes up and it will, I promise. From a baby throwing up on someone, transportation running late, clothing malfunctions, to the one that almost always happens, getting out of makeup late. So, I say to you please, please leave a cushion for the unknown.


  1. Travel Time

Make sure you plan for travel time. Not only for you but for your photographer and other venders that have to travel to multiple locations. While you can just walk out of the hotel, church or into your reception, it takes your photographer time to pack everything up, get to the car, drive to the next location and unpack the gear to be ready for the next shoot.


  1. Sunset Time

When planning a wedding timeline remember every season has it challenges. Some weddings have to deal with the heat, cold, rainy season and humidity, but they all have one thing in common, sunset. The most flattering light of the day is what photographers refer to as “Golden Hour” which happens about an hour before sunset. So, when planning your ceremony, if you want to be shooting in that beautiful light, be familiar with sunset time. If you are having a winter wedding, remember sunset can happen as early as 4:30. So if you are ceremony is at 6pm in the winter it will be limited to inside photos after the ceremony.


  1. Designate a Photo Wrangler

This could be one of your best decisions and this person could save your timeline. Your photographer will not always know the faces of all the people on your formal shoot list but a family member or friend that knows them is priceless. As your photographer is shooting one group, the Wrangler can get the next group ready. This way you can shuffle through them quickly, organized and stay on schedule.


  1. Establish a Wedding Website

This one takes a little more work for you on the front end when planning a timeline, but will save your sanity by not have to answer the same phone call from all your family and friends. Here your guests can find all the information they need about your wedding day as well as nearby hotels, restaurants, and things to do when not at your wedding.

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I hope you found these tips helpful and gets you thinking out of the box. To read more great info. for planning your wedding head over to my website at or give me a call at 202-744-0341.




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