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I love photographing weddings and capturing the raw emotions of the day. I not only shoot in the D.C. area but love a good destination wedding. I hope my journal inspires you. 

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Best Engagement Photo Locations In DC

Hi! I’m Lee, A D.C. wedding photographer and these are some of the best engagement photo locations in DC. I will also be letting you know which ones, at the time of writing this blog require a permit. Also here is a link to getting to the National Mall and the surrounding monuments. So get out there and explore the beautiful city of D.C.

Library of Congress

Engagement photos in the Library of Congress

The Library of Congress is one of my favorite places to shoot. It is one of the few places that allow inside photography, so let it rain. Make sure your dress for the occasion, you will want to plan out and coordinate your outfits. The space is beautiful with marble columns, gold leaf ceilings and sweeping staircases. You will want to check your Birkenstocks at the door and put on your black tie and evening gown. Plan out you time. You will have to go through security and the later in the day the longer the lines get. Also there is nowhere to change so come dressed and hair and makeup finished. There are some restriction so check out the details here.

Ulysses S. Grant Memorial

engagement photos in dc Ulysses S. Grant memorial

One of the best views of  Nation’s Capital is from the Ulysses S. Grant Memorial . Located on the Capital grounds you will have plenty of great locations to choose from. The photo above is one of my favorite locations. By placing the couple at the top of the steps and shooting up at them you can hide all the traffic behind them and get a magnificent view of the Capital. Don’t stop there, walk around and explore the Capital grounds. When shooting at this location you will need a permit. You can find more details here.

Engagement photos on the National Mall DC

The National Mall

If you have the time to walk the National Mall from end to end, you will have an endless places to get creative. The Mall offers wide open spaces, with a view of the Capital in one direction and in the opposite direction you will have a beautiful view of the Washington Monument. If shade is what you are looking for, the Mall offers several areas of tree covered areas to get some beautiful filtered light. This is a great place to bring a blanket and get comfy. For more information on permits needed, click here

Engagement photos at the Tidal Basin DC

The Tidal Basin

If lucky enough to be shooting your engagement session during peak Cherry Blossom season, then you are in for a treat. The Tidal Basin area is surrounded by Cherry Blossom trees that give a spectacular backdrop to any photo session. I must warn you to beware of the crowds and congestion during that time as people travel from all over the world to be here and they even have a parade. Plan out engagement session well. The best times to go during Cherry Blossom season are in the morning, around sunrise before it gets to crowded, and during week. You can find more details about permits here.

Engagement photos at the Jefferson Memorial

Jefferson Memorial

The Jefferson Memorial has it all, form Marble columns, water front views, and Cherry Blossom trees, to dramatic lighting inside the monument when the sun is rising and setting. Be sure to read up on the restrictions for this place, as they are very strict, but so worth the leg work. You can find more details on permits here.

I hope this inspires you to go out and explore D.C. to find the perfect places for your engagement session. If you are looking for a photographer I would love to talk to you. .My website is or better yet come out to  my studio and let’s chat about you photography needs. These are just a few of my best engagement photo locations in DC. DC has so many hidden gems that are perfect for engagement photos. Also if you are trying to decide if you need 2  photographers for your wedding, check out this link You can also find more wedding planning by clicking here on my Couple’s Resources page.


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